February/March 2023
Do you like to create? Enter my 6-word Story Contest.
The first place winner wins a prize!
Your challenge is to write a story in six words. You can write any 6 word story you like. There is no theme this month. The point of this contest is to create and to have fun!
Write your best 6-Word Story and send it in. All stories are welcome.
The winner will be announced in March. 

6-Word Story Contest Winner 

November/December 2022  
Theme: WORK

Congratulations to Koura Linda!

"Love worked because so did we."  -Koura Linda

(Koura wins a sweet prize.) 

Honorable Mention:

Where I ponder, my life, elsewhere. Laura Ozarow Doreson

Runner Ups:

Wings spread heavenward. Angel's work complete. Lisa Marie Lopez

What we repeatedly do, we are. Spencer Shipton

With a purpose it is fun. Bobbie Brunoehler

The capstone placed, another pyramid... DONE. Jim Meskimen

Improving the future with purposeful action. Suzanne Stedman

Daily drudge, weekend liberty plus holidays.  VQ

"Meeting could have been an email."  Julie M.

Everyone knows Rihanna said it best. Matt Green

I lost. I worked hard. Victory. Richard Stewart

Blessed, free after hustling forty-three.  Denise J. Padilla

Okay, let's get to it now! Tim Johnson

Click sounds grapple with human conversations. B. Yildirim

Work, Home, Homework, Wash Rinse Repeat. Alyson Morrow

Start, change, stop. Start, change, stop.  Paula Pikul

Pays but remember, Jack didn’t play.  Phanindra Ivatury

It's not when you love it. -Irene Miller Flyer

Have I won the lottery yet? Delano Britt

Always remember - dreams are our work. Jeanne Powers

Always one eye on the exit. Orla Furey

 Work - play spiraling to misguided depths. Sharon Skonetski

Task done, now time for coffee. Elaine Lewthwaite

oh... sorry, Samuel's not available. Jude

You will see if you believe.  Russell Wells

Sign on. Zoom in, sign out. Terrance Owens