6-Word Story Contest


August/Sept 2023
Do you like to create?
Enter my 6-word Story Contest.
The first place winner wins a prize!
Your challenge is to write a story in six words.

The THEME this month is TAKING A CHANCE.

The point of this contest is to create and to have fun.
Write your best 6-Word Story and send it in. All stories are welcome.
The winner will be announced in early August. 
June/July 2023

Congratulations to Phanindra Ivatury!

"Artificial Intelligence may determine future matchmaking."

-Phanindra Ivatury

(Phanindra wins a sweet prize.)
Honorable Mentions:
"Hunting cat spies innocent baby bird." -Barby Bordonaro
"The principal wants to see you." -N.M. 

Runner Ups:

Who is the favorite child? Me! -Julie M.

Pool tables are trouble says Hill. -Bobbie Brunoehler

Trouble has dirty pants muddy feet!  -Sharon Skonetski

Double trouble, Bought two boxer puppies. -Helen King

There’s the blood, I’m really sick. -Dick Karg

Gadzooks, what have we done now?! -Tim Johnson

River City, Vegas pretty, double trouble. -Richard Stewart

She took the road less traveled. -Michiko M. Wain 

Dainty in white. Siren in red. -Lisa Marie Lopez

Had she known, she’d have wept. -Brett Rickman

Too much pizza. Pant's won't zip. -Jill J.

My name is William Edward Donovan!! -Bill Donovan

The kitten busily destroyed the house. -John M. Carlson

Trouble knocked. Wisdom answered. Peace prevailed. -Sheri Engen

Brother, Spare Some Change For Bail. -Delano Britt

A chocolate from the bottom layer. -Orla Furey

She swirled in like a tornado. -Betsy Brubaker

I lie awake dreaming beyond reality. -V

Trouble is something I’m good at. -Francesca

Help, six feet up and falling. -Sofe

Once upon a time trouble happened. -Larry Jaffe

Uh Oh, Don't look now but -Irene Miller Fyler

Then, I walked into the room…. -Lane DiBlasi

Having problems, can I help you. -Elaine Lewthwaite

I received many awesome entries. Thank you so much to all who entered!
ml, Rachel