6-Word Story Contest

6 Word Story Contest, Rachel Hutcheson
June/July 2023
Do you like to create? Enter my 6-word Story Contest.
The first place winner wins a prize!
Your challenge is to write a story in six words.

The THEME this month is TROUBLE.

The point of this contest is to create and to have fun.

Write your best 6-Word Story and send it in. All stories are welcome.
The winner will be announced in early August. 

 April/May 2023
Theme: RISK

Congratulations to Brian Fessler!

"Is it dangerous? Let's do it."  -Brian Fessler

(Brian wins a sweet prize.) 
Honorable Mentions:

Desert, Throat Parched, Scorpion In Canteen. -Delano Britt

"Forced to, I drank the hemlock." -Ron Kule

We put ourselves out there again. -Timothy Johnson

Runner Ups:
Dating service first husband life changing -Michiko M. Wain
I favor geometry. Everything else follows.  -Denise J. Padilla
You can't spell risk without SKI. -Terrance Owens
Told lies on the witness stand.  -Jill D.
Walking a slim cliffside path steadily. -Robin Morshead
I thought I could handle it. -Helen King
Eat - uncontrollably Pray - infrequently Love - conditionally   -Phanindra Ivatury
Standing on the edge, free falling…  -Maria Gianola
Don’t just swim, dive right in. -Mindy Johnson
Feared heights, but eagle skies beckoned. -Lisa Marie Lopez
she jumped, because maybe she'd fly. -Koura Linda
Indoor sky, l learned to fly. -Maria Gianola
Gonna hold my breath and jump -Debbie Pascarella
Plant a tree. Create new worlds. -Marianne O’Sullivan
RISK: A game I've never lost. -Bobbi Burger Brunoehler
What is life without an adventure? -Julie Brinker
You no risk you no win. -Jon Statham
Life without risks is not living. -Shelly Jaffe
What made me frisky was risky! -Larry Jaffe
Love at first sight --- risk personified. -Carol Worthey
Time is a composer's risky canvas! Carol Worthey
No Risk, No Love, No Life. -Susan Fine
Boldly embrace risk, cherish your rewards. -Jeff Jessup
There is no doubt into risk. -Serre
I received many awesome entries. Thank you so much to all who entered.
ml, Rachel