The Time I Was A Flower Girl

The Time I Was A Flower Girl

Since summer is the prime wedding season, I thought I'd post a picture of the first wedding I attended.

I was the flower girl, and I remember the rehearsal dinner and practicing my part in the ceremony.

First the whole wedding party learned to do the take-one-step, then bring-your-feet-together-walk down the aisle.

After that I was shown how to drop (pretend) petals from my basket while I walked.

The next day, at the wedding, the basket was filled with real rose petals. I started down the aisle and dropped all the petals by my seven or eighth step.

When I realized the basket was empty, I still had three-quarters of the aisle to walk before I reached the front of the church.

That is why you don't see any flowers behind me in the picture above. They're all on the ground a quarter mile back.

Stay wild stay free,

Rachel Hutcheson

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Sweet as can be! I need to practice that walk!

Sarah Page-Wells

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